Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I went back to the doctor on Monday saying how I feel worse. I've been on sinus antibiotics for about a week with a few more days to go. I started to wheeze (now I have an infection in my chest?). WTF, Doc? She said, "just continue the meds. You're asthmatic, too, so the DRAINAGE is going to irritate your chest. We may have to extend the antibiotics, but this is a sinus infection." Okay.

This morning for the first time in two months I stood in front of the sink coughing up thick goop; not everyday snot, no, this was attic snot, snot that's been up and away for a while. Cleaning house. I guess this is the mother of all sinus infections. It's loosening-up finally and I'm getting a chance, I guess, of purging this evil evil cold. So over this! We are moving in about a month. Inland a little and so many people say how this has helped in terms of allergies, etc. All I know is we will be in a much newer house, and yes it will be drier. Looking forward to that.

This seems like a good spin on the barefoot running trend. A great litmus test: how many barefoot runners do you see? If you live in the snow, that might not be a fair question. But in sunny San Diego, according to the author, the evidence is negligible. He even asks some colleagues around the country. Same conclusion. It seems like a great zen-ultra-green-authentic-intelligent-spiritual running movement, but it might just have a little more bark than bite.

On the local trail running front, a lot of races have been delayed due to rain. Mission Gorge was postponed for a month. Crystal Cove has been delayed more than once. Looks like the weather and my sinuses have a lot in common: mucking up the joint.

Time for some sunshine and trail running. Let's do this!!!

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