Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl

Today is the beer football chips guacamole and other killer American pu-pus celebration.

I got in a 45 min gym session where I lifted and did some core. Then I walked at 10-12% for 15 minutes. I'm on some sinus meds, but I still feel like shit as far as running is concerned.

But more importantly, I've got the aforementioned celebration lined-up.

Wife is making chili. Friend is making his homemade chicken wings. He's got skills. Can't wait to try those and they're oven crispy vs. fried. Yay. His wife is doing some salad and I am making this. Of course, there are some other munchies hanging around, so the edibles should not be a problem.

I have a 22oz of Ale Smith IPA, a sixer of Green Flash WCIPA, a pint of Russian River Blind Pig, and a single 12oz of 90 minute Dogfish Head. There a couple of New Belgian Tripells if needed. The rest of the peeps will gravitate toward Blue Moon and red wine. I will also be consuming a lot of water.

The Game.
I like the Colts to win this game because Manning is such a pro and the team just seems to reflect that guy's work-ethic and game execution. He's better than very good. However, the Saints seem to have the intangibles to get it done. Whoever wins the Reggie battle will win the game. If Reggie Bush has a "good" game, the Saints win. If Reggie Wayne goes "big," Colts.

Enjoy the festivities!


  1. What time should I be over?!! I just opened the new release New Belgium Ranger IPA! Give it a try!

  2. Nice. I tried Ranger and liked it a lot. Hope your training is going well!