Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday 2/26


Late morning, a little worried about the state of phlegm, but I rocked an hour + and felt great! Consisted of track and trail, track to keep the HR in check (for medical reasons) and trail for my sanity. I feel awesome right now. Didn't get my first recovery drink in until 20 minutes ago, but all the same, life is good and getting better. Again, 63 minute run. Yum!


Just cracked a Stone Ruination. Going on a date tonight and I already called ahead: place is called Tender Greens. They have Stone Pale on draft and some others like a Coronado, Karl Strauss and something else. Might just be a Stoney night!

Well, it wasn't a Stoney night. Didn't even make it to Tender Greens. Decided to see The Ghost Writer, which changed dinner plans. Hit a Pizza Nova in order to make the film.

Final tally:
1 22oz Stone Ruination.
1 pint of Stella Artois
1 pint of Ballast Point Yellow Tail Pale Ale (not my favorite, but what the hell).

I can't wait to hit Tender Greens for a salad and a Stone Pale.


  1. you can never go wrong with ruination... never.

    tender greens in the shizz... been there a couple of time. always had wine there though....

  2. It might just be a bit more blawhging but ... it seems you are making inroads a step at a time ...

  3. JW- I remember you telling about TG. Can't wait to get down there for some grub.

    GZ- That's the plan. Btw, I was checking-out the Imogene Pass web yesterday wondering. . .seems like it would be a good intro to the rockies and a nice destination race.

  4. The San Juans, where Imogene takes place, are some of the most beautiful country there is.

    In some respects, Imogene 05 was my first true mountain race, and it was what really drew me into the scene.

    So it is a beautiful setting, an epic race ... but given that it is in September, the weather can be variable (uh, as in either really nice or crazy bad) (and this is true of course for mountain races ANY time, but you are stacking the odds a bit more in Sept).

    Additionally, I have been a bit critical of some aspects of race management.

    This mountain race is a bit different in that the first 6, 7 miles are up, but at more gentle grade ... and then the last three or so up are SICK. Like sections of 20+ %. Which, when combined at 13000 feet, is ... ahem ... challenging.

    Then seven miles down, with that first mile being like a cliff drop.

  5. The weather seems to be the caveat. Sounds like a historic pt2pt race and I've heard some nice things about Telluride.

  6. IPR is on my list for this year. It's really just a matter of being able to make it happen. We'll need to do some serious recovery in Telluride after that run!

  7. That would be epic.

    I'm going for a run.