Monday, February 22, 2010

Much better

Blahg says, "the re-entry has occurred." He goes on . . .

Saturday I ran 30 minutes and spun for 30 min.

Sunday I ran for 30 minutes, lifted weights and ran/walked for about 30.

Monday I ran for 45 minutes and walked for 15 minutes (9-10%).

This is all on the mill, so I can control everything - yeah I'm a little freaked-out/paranoid. Nice and easy right now is the motto. I am moving pretty slow at this point because have to rebuild everything I lost and I do not want to over-do it at all.

Fine with me really because I want to be very comfortable during this return to running. Hopefully in a month or so my comfortable running is just a lot faster!

Today (Tuesday) I ran 55 minutes at Mission Trails. Probably about 800ft. of climbing, very mellow, very reserved. Beautiful.

The over-the-counter medication seems to be doing the trick. Unbelievable.

I am so excited to get back to running a lot. Watching everyone pound-out their daily/weekly work-outs has made this down-time brutal. I thought there is no way this has any up-side. You know, the silver-lining theory. I'm actually a believer in that approach to life and I've been thrown some doozies. But this down-time, has been horrible. As I start my new life, I've been very busy, meeting people, doing little jobs. Exercise gives me energy, so I've been without that boost. I can't wait to see how much work I get done mixing-in around an hour everyday on the trail.

So, now I just want to run a lot, eat/fuel really well, and drink great beer.

This guy is, IMHO, America's ultra big dog because he lives and runs where he does. . . Into the Wild.

Is this the silver-lining I was referring to? "Failure is success if we learn from it." ~ Malcom S. Forbes. What am I learning from all of this? Is getting sick, a failure of some kind?

I love the Winter Olympics (The Olys in general). So many killer family memories associated with those great competitions. Cross-country skiing is my favorite. Curling a close second ;-)

If you like, check these out. I have been tearing through seeds. A great snack! Reminds me of baseball.

Lastly, I got a little package from a guy that likes to climbs. Three imperial IPAs? A lovely ABV 10% malty IPA, quaffable, really quaffable. Thanks, Rick.

Born to run.

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