Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday 2/28

February has been brought to a close hopefully closing-in on a period of opening-up. Still dealing with some upper congestion, but the low-HR. . . er. . . .relaxed running is keeping me going and, to be honest, feeling better and better. I just can't wait for the proverbial Green Flash. . . er . . .I mean proverbial green light to go hard. A couple of things I've noticed during this first 7 to 10 days of "re-entry." First, I did stay relatively active by lifting, walking, spinning -- just doing something. And by doing so, I have a little base that's been recovered. The HR was nuts right out of the gate, but has since settled. Unfortunately, I can't really test myself right now ala MAF because I don't want to even go that hard at this point. I am staying in zone 1 but for a few stretches. Secondly, this keeping my snake in its cage approach is not only keeping me on the come-back trail while I get 100%, but it is forcing the discipline ala Maffetone, Chuckie V, et al. I mean, I am being good. I wouldn't do this if I didn't have to, but I have to and I'm afraid it's going to pay dividends. Maintaining any discipline is always good; wanting badly to "open-up" yet holding back is making me hungry hungry hungry.

I partially listened to a pod cast I probably got to via GZ and I did key-in on a guy saying that really one of the keys to going fast, is learning how to be relaxed while running (going fast). He went into a little detail, but hopefully the suggestion hits home. It's just too much to hope to run fast and hate life at the same time. Sure there's that hurt locker everyone who kills it climbs into, but the ease with which one kills it is often a very telling point about training, state-of-mind, etc.

Right now, this easy running is necessary. But I have to say: I'm enjoying that ez feeling on each and every run. I want to keep it that way. So I'm sorta chasing MAF but not for MAF's sake; instead because I want to feel as little stress as I can while continuing to go faster and faster. Of course, knowing where the hurt locker is and how to get into it, that's something one either likes to do or not. I happen to like. But let's save that for special occasions.

Having said all of that, I'll probably start throwing down the minute I get clear for take-off.


4.5 miles at 5500ft. altitude. Garmin data was messed-up, but I climbed a little, ran a little. Probably went up to around 6200ft. Cold and clear, snow was melting fast. Beautiful. A little jogging and some hiking. The best part was the half mile walk with Jack, looking at the snow, talking about all the cool things six-year-olds like to talk about. If I ever grow-up (don't worry about that), someone shoot me.

I can't wait to get-up to the cabin later as things start to warm-up. Enough said.


I got into a 22oz. Stone IPA after the run (after the shower and hydrating and a cool-down walk with Jack). The sun breaking through, I can't tell you how close this was to Heaven on earth. Let me reiterate: Running in the mountains and then cracking a freaking cold IPA with family and/or friends to share it with -- that is the soul diggity mack daddy love retreat that I want to be on all day all the time. Word.

The night before I had one 22 oz. Hop Stoopid. I love this beer. Damn.
On the way home today, the food stop had some taps. All I really wanted to drink was the "Hemp Ale" (no brewery attached. I didn't ask the guy because he looked like he didn't want to be asked, but it was a little dark, slight hop tobaccoy thing happening) and Fat Tire. Couple of pints.

I'm beat from the drive, the run and the fun.

Here's to a huge week starting tomorrow.


  1. Ah, a little MCshow get-away locale. Nice.

  2. Rick, it's Idyllwild, in the San Jacinto mountains, which are just west of Palm Springs. Big Bear is further north, in the San Bernardino mountains.