Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday 24th


AM - 52 minute mail run. Ran to the post office/dropped off some mail, then dropped a letter off at a friend's and rolled around a little more. Very ez. Still some mucus, but clearing. Like yesterday's trail run, super relaxed.

PM - 20 minute hike pretty steep and a little spin. Then hit some weights. Actually didn't feel that great. Great.


As I post my daily runs (gotta do it), I'll post my daily beer fortunes. Note: If I could have 1 - 2 cold drafts of an imperial ipa each day (especially right after a run!) I would be that much happier. No need for the late night slug fest. I'm a buzz aficionado and the strong cold ale to address the post-run adrenaline high is nice.

No beer tonight.

Yesterday 2/23

2 Delirium Tremens drafts
2 12oz bottles of Harpoon Leviathans (didn't plan these, but they were on my door step when I got home :-)


  1. sounds good... on the beer and running fronts!

  2. Cheers, JW. Back at ya . . . on the beer and CYCLING fronts!

  3. Man, I need to pick up friends who leave good beer on my doorstep...

  4. I like this idea of posting the recovery brew. I think I'll join you on that.

  5. Tim- I'm definitely appreciative.

    Rick- Great idea. Let's see what you got! And those pics made you look like a big time beer snob :-) Ha!

  6. My Belgian-French has been rusty since birth. The only thing I could read on the label was Saison, and "With the something(Bons Voux) of the something (Brasserie)." It was good, but cannot count it as a recovery drink. I ran at 6 am and drank this at 7pm.