Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday 5/7


Busy Friday that started with sleeping-in. Then the morning volunteering and then . . . I have a ton to do. Had to get my son dialed-in for Mom's day, do a little work (I need more), and wanted to run.

10 miles. 6 on the sand, 4 on pavement. Argh. Didn't work that hard, but the legs were sore. I lifted after the 12 miles on Wed., so maybe that affected me? But the upside of my lower leg lifting is huuuuge. Ran in some bermudas and a cotton shirt. Heavy. Sand. Heavy. Went 8:30s and climbed about 1000ft, which means it was pretty flat.


Found an Apex dipa draft and a Le Freak at Taproom. Wasn't that impressed with their gobs of taps. All they had Alpine was a stout. Come on, people!

"Oh, but we'll have Nelson on cask next week." Whatever, dude.


I'm at 30 for the week. I'm seeing another 16-17 over the weekend, which includes some nice running at ~6000ft. Hey now!


  1. Running in sand - Does that mean the beach? Do your alergies do better on the beach? Perhaps less flora?

  2. I'm in FL this week. Found a great beer shop in St Pete and bought Bells Two Hearted, Medicino Imperial IPA, Mad River Double IPA and Heavy Seas Hop3 Ale for my room and World of Beers beer bar is just down the block. Good week!

  3. solid... all around. what did you thinking of the Apex. i had it a while back... Bear Republic know how to make an IPA.

  4. Rick, exactly. Less allergins and it's the beach. What are you doing???

    JP, sounds awesome. That's the second time this week I've heard about 2 hearted. .. keep up the good work. Sounds like you're doing some cool menu stuff?

    the apex is part of my quiver now. Toby and I tried to get some at Obriens and they ran out. It is classic IPA, creamy, grape-fruity yum yum. You would love it.
    Let's get beers soon!