Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday 5/3


Sunday was 6 miles with a little teeny weeny bit o climbing along with a few surges. For sure the running is getting easier and funner. Easier because the body is adapting. Funner because I'm getting to do some "drills," or some things on a whim. In other words, the running is coming along just fine.

I ended the week with 42 miles. This coming week should be closer to 50 or more. I like how things feel (with the help of my compression socks now and then).

Today (Monday) I ran 8 miles. Felt good. How's that for a program, 6 on Sunday, 8 on Monday. Whatever. Just run, everyday if I can. Going back to the mountains this weekend. Looking forward to that.


Sunday Qing

w/a lager

Ahhh. . . Monday

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