Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday 5/10


I didn't run today because yesterday was too good.

The run didn't get done as expected. This was good and bad. I got in a better run, but got pinched time-wise so I had to go harder than I wanted. Which also turned-out to be a good thing. . . so it was good and good!

The run was 8 miles and I danced between 5000 and 6000ft of elevation. I got in 2000ft. of vertical and although a lot of the climbing and running was nice and easy, I had to turn-up the notch to get home to go to Mother's Day lunch - I did not want to be the day's token prick.

So I ended-up pushing the end. Felt so good afterwards. I pushed the little rolling section back to the pad. Didn't even need a beer because I had an insane buzz although it would have been nice to just sit on the deck and nurse gatorade and ipa for a few hours.

Anyways, I passed the test. I ran a little reckless (race like). I climbed a little at elevation; I ran like like I'm used to running, which means going for it and not worrying about anything (other than being late for a date).


Recovery was outstanding.

This pictures of Rochefort 10 is beautiful. I enjoyed the beer a lot. Very carbonated which is evident even from the pic. Had a couple of beers at dinner and then this one really smoothed-out the evening. Think dark fruit with a little sense of alcohol but not aggressive at all. Really good.

These picture are from Mother's Day lunch. My favorite spot. That bowl in front of my Arrogant Bastard is really good olive oil with a lot of crushed garlic dropped in for dipping.

Veggie sandwich that is sooo good.

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  1. Nice to see you're adding a little more Belgian into your recovery for the summer. 10,000' in CA is beautiful, can't wait to see/read your journeys up there.