Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday 5/23


Monday - 5 miles

Tuesday - 5 miles

(Both days busy I think and pretty low energy. Obviously just got out for a little sweat time)

Wednesday - 10 miles. I remember enjoying it, but nothing too spectacular.

Thursday - 6 miles. Very mundane.

Friday - 10+ miles on a fun trail with some climbing. Felt pretty blah but great to get in the work.

Saturday - 2 miles. Not a typo. Goofed around all day, had an event to go to, both my wife and I wanted to run, I head-out, run a mile, and decide to let her go instead. Talk about a lame afternoon. Don't even ask about the errands we ran all day. Low energy all day.

Sunday - 12 miles. Felt much better and ran very steady. Nice to end on that note
and finish the week with 50 miles.

The week was pretty unimpressive for me, by me. My diet is the culprit. I've decided steer clear of animal as much as I can. This morning I had oatmeal, lunch was hummus and carrots and last night (when I started my little experiment), a big kale salad. Tonight's dinner, a big kale and arugula salad. I might eat a little ground turkey here and there, but really?


A lot of good beer as usual. I'm going to be easing-up on that. My sense is that the diet shift ought to really help the running. I took it for granted.

The highlights:

Had some great beers at Port Pizza Ocean Beach. The beer is flowing in Flow B. The place is brand new. Great addition to an already loaded craft beer scene.

Big Black Poochie on draft. This is a black imperial IPA. Fantastic. Loved it.

Jetty IPA: good west coast IPA. Hoppy, refreshing. Had it on draft and bought a growler.

Avery Reverend. Solid Belgian-style strong ale. Wasn't even in the mood, but cracked it and really enjoyed it.

Port Old Viscosity: American strong ale. Dark. First sip was not the best, but it grew on me.

Note: A lot of strong, heavy beers. A lot of ~10%A ABV. I just need to lighten-up. Of course there were some of the other usual suspects.

So in order to cut-back and focus even more on running and getting into shape AND saving money, I started my new recovery life at Trader Joe's today (by the way, it's nice to see Stone has invaded TJ's).

Simpler Times Pilsner, and Duvel. Going cheap (2.99/sixer and a 750ml for $8). The pilsner is a little pale, a little rough, but really cold it goes great with my salad. I'm a fan. The Duvel is, well, Duvel. The grocer checking us out saw me working. He gave me a little appreciative nod. Love TJ's.


  1. Dude I dont know what type of dressing you used on your salads, but that simpler times stuff is unbearable. If you can hack it more props to you, more $$ for more....running shoes?

  2. 50 miles = solid... no matter how you look at it.

    i will ryan on the simpler times... pbr is a much better choice.

    why no meat?

  3. I've never even heard of Simpler Times. Who makes that? Trader Joe's? Does it come from the same place as the 3 Buck Chuck wine?

  4. Weeger:

    1) Look at the pattern, the big picture.

    2) TEHO. I like it versus Bud and PBR and ST is a wash. ST's 5.5% limits the liability. TEHO.

    3) And like your Angels, HTFU! Drinking craft DIPA 24/7 is not what my doctor ordered. HTFU.

    That's three strikes, buddy.

    JW - I'm just experimenting. Been eating a lot of eggs, turkey meat, had a little steak last couple of weeks. Feel like crap, really. Even today, after a little 6 miles and feel great. Woke-up earlier, more energy already.

    Rick - it's out of Wisconsin.

    I might buy ST t-shirts and send them out. I love that beer!