Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday 5/11


Today I got in 5 easy miles. Big work day. I feel great and could have run yesterday though it was nice to focus on recovery. There is no room for error now; I'm running to keep running and it's definitely better to be safe than sorry. I am extremely happy with the way the fitness is coming together. I have a long way to go, but the journey is the most meaningful part, so long as I can enjoy the journey. Regaining some health means I can start having more and more fun.

Sunday was definitely the beginning of another chapter. Ever since I started running again, I have been very careful about keeping it fairly easy, following-up harder (for me) days with really easy days, etc. And I have definitely stayed away from any legitimate climbing, especially mountain running.

Sunday was climbing for real.

I ran a little on the Deer Springs Trail, which I will definitely explore more later. That trail works its way to Mt. San Jacinto peak, which is over 10000ft. elevation. There is a lot of work to do.

But I digress. Sunday was a big test. Could I sustain some serious climbing stress? Obviously, I am most concerned with the respiratory system. Fortunately, the mountains have less environmental allergens than we have down here in the city. But the lack of oxygen and the mountains present plenty of reason for my system to breakdown.

I am very pleased how I handled the run. This means I can start to integrate some "bigger" runs and I'm not talking about 15 miles on the road. I'm talking about visiting some of our local little "mountains," one of which is in my new header photo.

That's the real news. I can start to mix-in some mountain running!

I put 45 miles up last week on 5 days (I took 2 days off? WTF!).

Bring-on Wednesday!


Went to Toronado last night with a friend who likes Belgians and he doesn't even know it. He ordered a dark cherry stout that was insane. I stuck to a Duet, La Chouffe, and a Chimay Tripel. I am fully recovered :-)

Right now?



  1. mmm ... mountains. mmm ... beer (although I have unofficially gone dry for a bit). mmmm ...

  2. Just to show me that I can.

  3. too bad you don't trust yourself as much as i do ;)