Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday 5/8


7 steady (easy) miles. Felt great even after that run yesterday.
Legs still aren't feeling super peppy, but I'll live with this
general health progression, especially on the allergy end.

Tomorrow is the big test. Should be about 8-9 miles, ~2000ft. of vertical at about 5600ft. elevation. I can't wait.


Quick lunch and then heading to some So Cal highlands. It's all about recovery once we get there, maybe some hiking, certainly some good edibles and bevvies.

Maximus (maybe pound 4 pound #1) and Rochefort 10 (world class and oughta help me acclimate to the higher elevations :)


  1. The Belgians know alot about altitude training ;-)! Well, at least, they have some good cyclists. Wasn't Eddy Merckx a cannibal? They, at least, know some good red wine, right?
    Have a great time in your mountains!!

  2. Ahhh, shitkhe mushroom, I was signed in under my wifes name;sorry! ither way I'm enjoying some 2 Hearted Ale tonight.

  3. Damn, Rick. It was cool to think that "Maureen" was visiting. Who doesn't like new visitors ;)

    The Rochefort is going down like fine wine right now. Very carbonated but truly a fine bevvy. Since I'm not much of a desert guy, nice finish to the meal.

    But I have a couple Maximuseseses to sip :)

    Some climbing tomorrow, brutha!

    I hope you're killing it!

    Actually, Pliny might want to see some evidence of the program before he comes calling/recovering ;)