Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday 5/16


Monday - Off. Could've and probably should've run, but just wanted to make sure I didn't overdo it after Sunday's solid mountain run.

Tuesday - 5 miles ez

Wednesday - 8 miles ez

Thursday - Off. Got slammed with a rush project for my burgeoning business. Good news for sure. Also, I went to Laguna for a conference. Was going to find a trail along the coast, but literally had to drive home and get on the computer to finish said project. And attend to some parenting, etc. No run.

Friday - 10 miles. The first 5 were a little more than steady. Having not run on Thursday, I just wanted out! It's an out and back on a xc course of rolling grass. The out was in 18:45 and the back was in 18:45. Didn't really try to run that consistently; this was evidence of PE awareness. Didn't use a HRM so I just stayed sorta comfortable. I got a little out of that a couple of times and then dropped back. Nice to see an even 7:30/mile 5 miler on a tough little course. I thought through-out how it felt like a harder ez run. I guess what I mean by that is I ran very loose and relaxed. I wasn't planting and pushing like I would if I was trying to run "hard." I recovered very fast. Of course it was only 5 miles. But I'll take the results of this little test.

5 miles ez after that.

Saturday - 7 miles ez. I have a little hamstring discomfort. Took it easy. I've been stretching it the last couple of days. Stretching? What is that? Hopefully this passes. Actually, I will make sure it passes. Eliptical is a nice substitute for such an issue. I'm running and monitoring.

Sunday - Very solid 9 miles. I flirted with stressing the hammy. Really monitoring, I pushed the pace and was very pleased with what I did. Then did a little cool down on the elliptical firing off 10+ mph (good call for old guys ;)

The hammy felt great. I'm very happy with how I'm running. I feel patient and grateful. I just try to run every day, but if I miss a day here or there, whatever. These weeks of ~40 are great for maintenance, even though I'm certainly improving, getting stronger. Let's keep this train rolling!

Total miles for the week: 39 miles

I have a nice week coming-up. I might be running some nice trails with the real King James and the Prince of Alpine, Toby. My fingers are crossed for some of that medicine.


Can't find my camera, so no pictures of my new goblet!

Typically, some great recovery beers going down.

I hear the Port Pizza Ocean Beach is open. That means my old neighborhood now boasts Port, OB ale house, The Harp (always has tap Alpine!), Sapporo Sushi (couple of good draft ales), The Noodle House (many taps and much good sake). So many good places to frequent. Bring on the summer, the beach, and a couple of taps with a couple of friends!


  1. I feel like an idiot on the elliptical.

  2. Acceptance is the first step I think.