Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Weekend

Solid double today (was on the trail early).

Bout to crack a Stone IPA, eat a salad and get to bed early.

Lots of trails this weekend. God bless America.

Weekend to do list:
1. Solid work on the run
2. Eat really well
3. Have a blast with friends and family
4. Grab me some Sculpin and Summer YuleSmith to add to my little epic ipa stash.

By the way, I did try Stone's 14th Emperial and I wasn't that impressed.
I'd give it a B. Definitely a unique beer. I saw Ryan's write-up and was a little surprised. He gave Pure Hoppiness a B+ and Stone's Emperial an A?

Such is taste.

Happy 4th!


  1. i really like the stone 14th too... i wouldn't rank it up there with my favorite IPA's, but i like the "different" taste.

  2. i guess i could give pure hoppiness an A- that seems more fitting.

  3. Speaking of, I'll be in Alpine next Saturday.

    Come see me!!!!!!!!