Monday, July 12, 2010

Quick 1

Have been pretty much stuffing the barn.
I have some bigger loads coming-in this week and next.

This weekend took me to some volunteering at a 50k in Cuyamaca State Park.
The actual work I did at the final aid station was very cool, including on my own
initiative, running back into the park to locate the final two runners who missed
the cut-off. I found them before search and rescue. They were actually doing okay, had water, etc., had gotten lost, fallen, etc. Apparently very tough course and the temps were in the 90s, probably higher on certain parts of the course. Again, great times seeing some old running pals and meeting new ones.

When my duties were complete, I saddled-up and decided to run the final section of the course, described as flat. Basically, it turned-out to be 3 miles gradually up (I didn't run the final 6 miles) and 3 miles back. The heat was drilling me! I took-off around 3:00, so the heat was utterly smashing. I thought about the time of day, what I could call it. I was running the Josey Wales time of day, meaning no one is out but a few lunatic folks like myself and maybe a lizard or two. I don't even think rattlers are roaming around at this point. It was a tough run, about an hour and the climbing, though I didn't think it was that bad at the start, by the "top" I was hammered; and the run back to the car was clearly "down." I connected the dots.

But the real score was seeing where some of the trails are, how to make certain peaks, loops, etc. I picked-up a map and am ready for some long runs. The scenery, trail conditions, etc., from what I saw and could "see" were magnificent. I have run up around the Sunrise Hwy., some trails on Laguna, Noble Canyon. . .but Cuyamaca is different though they do connect. All kinds of potential. Super stoked.

On the way home, I stopped off for some recovery. Did I say "all kinds of potential"? It was nice sitting in front of my tv catching up on TdF, etc., with some of the best American ipa around.

From my front door to trail head is about 27 minutes. I can do this. A lot.

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  1. i gotta find the time to get out there! for the running and recovery. keep killing it!