Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 3rd of July!

New schedule in effect.

Early wake-up. 1:12 on a sweet Cowles and Pyles Peak route.
2300ft of vertical. Super easy.
Felt terrific.

Now home for 2nd half of Germany/Argentina.


  1. Dude - Your're getting fast!

  2. Based on what? I'm slow. Period.
    I'm using that comment for motivation.


  3. Based on: I'm assuming that you're on a trail going up 2,300' as well as down 2,300' (not up 1,150, down 1,150' for a total of 2,300') and just to make it easy it all averages out to about 11% grade. At a moderate effort, at 1:12 total, you'll probably use about 40 minutes going up and 32 doing down. At that rate you climb about 57.5' per minute and for 50 minutes you'd climb 2,875' at an 11% grade. So, why do I think you're fast? Because that would be a 50 minute ascent up Round Mtn, the last CO TT done about 5 weeks ago on Memorial Day, that day you would have ran between Sir Nick and Lucho! Sure, my math isn't going to equate, but if I'm in the ball park GO DO A RACE and kick some ass

  4. Ha ha ha ha.

    The 2300 is all up and the trail is very steep in areas, but beyond that I'm not running with Lucho or Sir Nick. Great stuff, my friend!

    I have half of your order ready. I just need the second half and I'm off to the post office.

    Happy 4th, cheers. Enjoy!

    btw, I registered for a knarly 25k yesterday that is a climbing dream. Brutal stuff.
    It's my 2010 baptism to finish the year strong!