Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Recovery

I went out east this weekend, volunteered at a race, ran some sick trails, and stopped at a great brewery for some great beer. Sounds pretty simple. It was.

No pics, but I picked-up a growler of Duet and one of Pure Hoppiness.

I was singning duets that evening in a state of pure hoppiness. Believe me.

For the record, the duet has so much classic cali big hop flavor and is only 7%ABV. This lower alcohol compared to the Pure Hoppiness' 8% made a difference for me. The higher alcohol affected the PH flavor profile. Duet was near perfect (in fact, I've had Duet on cask and THAT was crazy good). But that's just how this played out. Duet is pretty tough to beat. I've seen it blow great beers away in big ipa tastings by professional beer advocates. It's so tasty.

But it's all about the comparison. I've had a PH and then something pretty good like Port's Wipeout IPA, and the Wipeout comparatively tasted like my next door neighbor's great great aunt Samantha had peed in a cup. Of course before I left I tasted a Nelson, and thought maybe I should've gotten one of those. Didn't have room in the cooler. Next time :)

Slept like a bear that night.


  1. Glad you got your east county fix! Not much beats a trip to Cuyamaca and Alpine Brewery. Well played my friend.

  2. I have my growler and trail shoes. Let's go!

  3. needed another recipe of beers and salad smile! great blog!