Thursday, July 8, 2010


When I am not eating poorly (eating out), I eat a lot of salad. I just wanted to share some of my choices.

Last night was big salad night. I ate two. I read somewhere (no link = lame!) how few calories are in greens, the big greens like kale, collards, arugula, etc. What I like about this is I can eat a ton. I like to eat. So these kinds of ingredients are key.

mixed/baby greens (the organic mixed greens that come in bags or boxes)
collard greens
upland cress
I try to find some interesting greens (besides the kales, arugulas, and collards of the world) to give the salad an added super healthy green component. It's medicine and they add a tremendous added flavor. The Upper cress was a nice peppery touch. Love it. My salads are definitely greens heavy.

Chopped vegetables:
red and/or green onions (scallions). Love onions.
mushrooms (portobello if I can)
red bell pepper
carrots (occasionally)
Any leftover steamed or sauteed vegetables like broccoli or squash (but not normally)

Other stuff (toppings):
pepper (serrano)
olives (sure the canned black, but better yet hit the olive bar at your local Whole Foods or Vons, etc.) Good green olives are truly a nice salad topping
nuts (almonds or walnuts)
feta cheese
quinoa (freshly made is awesome - a little warmth)
tofu (a lot of this lately. I cube it. The pieces start to crumble in the salad, which adds a kind of creaminess to the mix. Yum!

Of course, this category can include all kinds of stuff. Sure, steak or chicken is great, or fish; but I've been keeping it meatless and have been very satisfied.

This is the only way I like it!
Braggs aminos
Braggs apple cider vin.
A LOT of good olive oil
and red pepper flakes (what you put on your pizza)
Fresh lemon or lime juice
black pepper

If all else fails, a bowl of gnarly greens and my dressing will do me just fine.

I recommend a killer cold single IPA (Stone) to wash down that salad.

And check-out my running blog if you haven't. Between the food and the steady diet of climbing, I hope to get some things done.

Happy eating!


  1. salads are key! i pretty much have at least one a day... lunch or dinner....

    i like to take the same philosophy and do veggie/egg scrambles....

  2. Totally agree. I've actually been doing eggs (but not the veggie scramble!).

  3. So with you on the salads. When I was MUCH younger my mom would suggest I use the bath tub for my salads since they were so big.