Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday - 13 miles

2:36) - meaning it was really hot) 7.5 miles. Trail. Went a little too hard. Beat me up pretty good. If I had worn sweats, I would have thrown-up my toes and expired right there. Muscles and all feel quite good. Pretty stoked about the feet. I mentioned I jump roped the other day bare foot and kinda tore-up the bottom of my feet (I've been jump roping a little so it wasn't like I was brand new). I also mentioned I taped them up and ran later that day, after I thought I sustained a little injury. Two days later, they feel stronger than they have in a while. Very little if at all plantar fascia issues (knock on woodrowe). Enough said.

p.m.) 5.5 miles. Nice and easy. Just ate what someone like Gordo eats: egg whites, quinoa, avocado, spinach, big dose of olive oil and a few other lubricants. Nails.

Tomorrow I'm off to the land of Walsh. Thanks for the tip, JW. In the a.m. cloud cover, this should be just what the doctor ordered.

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