Thursday, November 19, 2009

Didn't run on Tuesday because of the job. Tuesday night we had a little freaky situation with Jack spiking a huge fever. Common sense says it was a reaction to his second round of H1N1 vaccination, his booster (kids under 10 get two shots). This meant that Wednesday he was home all day really sick. It was a trip. Sudden flu. So no run yesterday either. Then today (Thursday), got out on a little 50 min. run. Felt GREAT to get out. Man. I want to run. Gotta Run. Yeah, the new Blog title. Things are changing on several fronts. The title was going to be Gotta Get the Hell Out of Here; the picture of my son getting air off the top of that BIG slide falling toward the "Exit" was a little visual I liked for it speaks to my wanting to get to a better place. "Place" in this case means a lot of different things. Maybe I go into that later. I'm antsy.

Which is why today's run was good. Cross my fingers that Jack feels good tomorrow. So he can go hang with his friends at school. And dad can go trail running! Hopefully, solid run tomorrow. On Saturday I have a little window. Maybe a big run.
Sunday get something in and watch ball. Sunday night going to a college soccer game between USD and UCSB. See if any of them gots skills.

Yesterday - Eggs and turkey bacon (I was starving), small bowl of wheat pasta with two turkey meat balls, and fish salad for dinner. (wow, a lot of meat).

Today - Peach and "green" protein smoothie, zico and a bag of M&M peanuts (fuck), and a fish salad (I love arugula) for dinner. One beer.

Let's do this!


  1. looking forward to that game on sunday. i will be dvr'ing it though.. i'll be racing while they are hopefully handing a beatdown out!

  2. I think the QB injury will make our job a little easier. But let's see LT continue to rise. Effective LT means big things.