Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday 11/2

50 min aerobic run, not flat, perfect conditions. Avg. HR 149. I know, data schmata. Curiosity killed the cat. Ran a lot last week and was going to take today off but the brisk mornings are too good. And it was a comfortable run. Tomorrow I hit Mission Trails before work for some trail running. Might throw down a little.

Hit the gym in the afternoon. Spun for 30 minutes, did some core and lifted and hit the jacuzzi. Yesterday's core was tough along with the 1:30 run so today was just good to get some work done.

I'm having some digestion issues. I have been taking pro-biotics for over a month now. I had a bad night about a week ago where I had too much homemade (hot) salsa and was whacked for a couple of days. The shits, couldn't keep anything down, etc. Just got back to 100% and then I had another tough day today after my post-run meal: homemade garlic mash, two eggs, avocado, swiss chard and kale with olive oil and just a little bit of siracha. I'm blaming the garlic. The siracha probably didn't help. What's up? I think my system is getting good and healthy; part of that means I'm more sensitive (I think) to "extreme" dishes. Starting to really think about this diet thing. Big changes? Maybe. Lots of changes in the air.

By the way, I'm losing my job. More to come on that. It's called project re-invention. I want out of teaching English full-time because this kind of instability rears it's head every 5 years or so. And let's face it, California does not give a shit about education. Life will definitely be getting more interesting. And I will definitely be getting fitter physically and mentally to meet this new insane challenge.


  1. Wait - are you losing your job or are you deciding to do something different? I know the end result is not much different. Just curious about the trip.

  2. Losing. I may get some work in the eleventh hour, but the process is totally unstable. I am eligible for a "promotion" (a longer-term contract) in about a year, but getting there is like a bad addiction or organized crime; not a healthy lifestyle.

    I've always believed: teach part-time and do something else. Here we go.

  3. great attitude about the job stuff...

    about the gut issues... been there for sure. it's weird how our bodies change over time and things would could shove in our faces before start giving us issues.

    just start eliminating things one by one... and see how you feel. that's what "they" had me do and i have definitely found what i can and can't handle... luckily IPA is on the list of things i can handle!