Friday, November 27, 2009

T-day and beyond

I gotta say it. Best Thanksgiving ever and I think it had everything to do with my attitude. I feel great right now (even though I'm losing el jobo). I feel healthy and that's totally absolutely completely the first step.

Family was it. I totally appreciate my family. It's small but I really value what I have.

The food (prepared by father-inlaw and wife) was. the. shit. I ate, got tired and stuffed, tried to eat more. Fell asleep.

No running. I've been pretty consistent lately so I felt the day-off was perfect. Definitely want to avoid over-training (which just means over-use for anyone who might think I'm hardly training). A quality 5-6 every day is good right now. Plus some weights and core sporadically.

So, yesterday off. Today, 5 miles, 8:30 avg., HR 146. Success is relative. I am not looking at the numbers while I run. Just running. I swear. It's nice to be able to elevate and deflate the HR. I'm just fiddling with my own gig. That's it.

After the run and lunch, and laying around a bit, went for a 45 min. hike with Jack. The surf was way up today, so we had some great scenery.

Now, I'm having a beer. Life is actually very simple.

Oh, yeah: shout out to James and Beth for inviting me to their killer cocktail party. I mean, after some of those Belgian double IPA Trippel monsters I felt like I'd been kissed and then gotten my ass kicked, in rhythm.

Here's to a great weekend!

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  1. sounds like a killer day. we are stoked you made it up here on wednesday... it's hike! next time we need to hit somewhere down there.

    enjoy the weekend.

    go bolts!