Sunday, November 22, 2009

Watching the Chargers v. Broncos in a huge divisional match-up. Wrapped-up the week exercise wise with 6 miles nice and flat. Felt very good in general but especially considering yesterday's steep gut check.

Headed out to Mission Trails which simply is not flat. Actually, I've been running a flatter loop over by the Visitor's Center off of Mission Gorge Rd., but Saturday's run/hike was into the belly of the beast of Interstate 15.

This was brutal. The "hills" are so steep that even hiking is anaerobic. This is a great work-out for strength. I passed on the climb up S. Fortuna which has the "steps" but N. Fortuna was unbelievably sufficient along with the other climbs I had the pleasure of mounting. Knowing I need a little more time, the figure eight loop that will take me up N.Fortuna then a nicer flatter descending section to the base of S.Fortuna, up that and then work my way back to the car will be over 3000ft. of climbing and 10+ miles. This will be a "killer." On today's flatter run, I got to shake-out the legs and take easier breaths. But yesterday made me feel very new to the program. I have a lot of work to do and I am not running to run flat. So "gut checks" will happen frequently.

The diet: Still making quality decisions but I did have a piece of pizza last night with my pint of Stone Cali-Belgique. Great stuff, the beer. I love drinking it out of appropriate stem-ware. OB ale house is a pizza place, too. Great pizza, which is now just part of that weekend-warrior stuff that "may happen." I really would rather eat like a tortoise.

So, back to work this week, which means more running. I need to really start building. I'm especially inspired by Tim's win at his first 50 miler. Sky is the limit for that cat. Great job, TW.

~25 miles on the week. Neither good nor bad. Just what is.


  1. Eat like a tortoise? What the hell does that mean?

    Keep picking at it. The miles. The diet. The life. No bonus points for coming in at the end of this game with a well preserved frame.

  2. Dood, I hear you. You're the standard.

    The tortoise eats salad, a little apple and other tame fruit. Think how "fit" reptiles are.

    Btw, losing my job I still told my wife, "I want to go to Boulder to check things out." It's in the works. I want to hang with my homeys and check-out that part of the world.