Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday and Monday

Did not want to go to the gym AGAIN on Sunday and by the time my wife got home from outta town, I had a couple of Belgians going watching football. I didn't mind.

Today I did 8 miles with some good dirt climbing and ovalling. The track data was a really good sign. The HR reflected how I felt (regardless of the data). I just felt good, rested, ready to roll (a day-off here and there is definitely money right now . . .maybe always . . . to keep me fresh and super fly). Doing 8:20s at 144 is just a good thing for me, at this point. I feel stronger. The dirty hills were fun too. Great weather.

These good vibrations are juxtaposed with the dreariness of my job situation. Obviously, I'm overwhelmed trying to figure-out a good next step, but just mulling over that career to which I'm saying adios is trip. And sure, I might do a little part-time teaching down the road, but as far as that being my one and only focus, my bread basket, so to speak, time to move-on. Nights are, of course, the worst.

Later I spun on the trainer for 30 min. Good day.

Diet: Eggs and veggie burrito, left-over Kashi spinach/mushroom zah, and KILLER salad for dinner.

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