Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday 3/1


50 minutes at the track going around and around nice and slow (~5.5 miles). I am very sensitive about my breathing right now. Felt so so today. Did the follow-up with my Dr. I'm on the way back. Felt better as the day progressed. For me, the weekend was big, so this is fine for a Monday. I can't wait for tomorrow.


I read of someone enjoying a Sierra Nevada Glissade. It's seasonal, it's not a wimp and I enjoy most of Sierra Nevada's beers so I bought a sixer.

I enjoyed it. Really easy to drink, light with smooth malt and euro hop flavor. Great with some chicken!


Remember: if you're in a rut, go for a run and try a (good) beer you've never had. Tough to beat that combination.


  1. my monday beers: port mongo DIPA & GF palate wrecker.

    i win... i think.

    you need to try the port mongo. so good....

  2. You win. That was my off night ;-)

    I can swing the N.county 2 beer meeting but 5:00 is out. Earlier Friday? Maybe this weekend?

    Keep up the good work!