Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 1 - 3

So, 30 in 30 is in effect and it's going well.

Day 1

45 minute steady run on pavement and trail. I ran to the trail, got there and that was it. No climbing, just shaking things out. Sunday was pretty steep, so this was a good deal.

Day 2

40 minutes. Yum. This started out with a sore foot and a pretty sluggish aura. At the turn-around, I was loving the grass. The whole run was on grass. My pace, from what I can gather was nicely aerobic and pleasantly steady. It was just a good run.

Day 3

I headed to Mission Trails and proceeded to run a sick loop that topped-out at N. Fortuna. This was tough. Back in the day with Garmin, I swear this was a 2000+ ft. vertical run. Not with Highgear. We're in the day of clean living and there's no fibbing on vertical anymore.

I ran 1:10 and climbed or descended the entire time. Mission Trails is pretty much a canyon. You enter, drop, climb, cool, descend, and then climb over-heated and bonking. That's what happened today. The Highgear read 1700ft. vertical. I was a little surprised, but expecting it. I hate to be a whistle-blower, but Garmin's vertical is bullshit.

I think I bonked. Because I was worked at the end. I would venture to guess it was about 6 miles, so 1700 in 6 miles isn't bad, but either way, I know the loop and propose some serious progression there. N. Fortuna. Boom!


  1. 1,700' on a 6 mile loop is a pretty good climb. to make the math easy, say you went 3 up and 3 down - that would make the average grade on the climbs about 11%. Running down hill at 11% grade isn't easy either. Nice run!

  2. Cheers, my friend. I hope it was 6 miles. Some of the grades were steeper than that. I need to figure-out that equation.

    Btw, Uncle Pliny told me he wants to visit NC. I'm looking into travel accommodations.

  3. Equation ... number of feet gained / divided by number of miles (in terms of feet).

    For example, Pikes ... 7800 feet /13 miles =~11.5 percent grade.

  4. Excellent. Of course, now I have no GPS so the mileage is a bit of a mystery in general now. Prescription: run and climb.

    Thanks, GZ.