Saturday, June 12, 2010

England v USA

England v USA 2010 World Cup. The pitch looks great. The players look dialed-in. The old versus the new. I played soccer in college in the US and in England. Great memories, especially since I represented my country well.

To be honest, some of the best memories were the times after matches. The rugby and futbol players would gather, showered and togged in our classy attire, and socialize while going tap tap tap with the domestic brews. Great times!

That was epic recovery. That's what I'm doing now. Have a look.
I'll post later my reviews of the beers, but I wanted to represent the two countries.
And BevMo's Sam Smith brews were 2.99. Done deal.

Recovery mode, with beers: England v. USA. Will the soccer results mirror the beer results? I doubt it. It's already 1-0 England 6 minutes into the match! Come-on!

Come see me!


  1. all those look totally solid, but not sure that english IPA deserves to be in the same photo with the Maharaja, just sayin!

    liking the new blog look too, sweet!

  2. Cheers, Ryan.

    The English was a prop for the US v England World Cup match. I wanted domination on both (Beer and Futbol). It was a good day.