Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Blog and Maharaja

This is going to be my food and drink blog.

My new blog, which will chronicle my running (everyone's favorite read) is over here.

Yes, I have moved my running journey to a new blog.

Where you are *BLAHG* is going to be pretty much what the html suggests: matt-recoverydiscovery. I am making some changes to my diet and by the way I love food (so I have to make some changes). And, I really like good beer. So that's what's happening here.

Right now I'm drinking a Maharaja and it's quite simply one of my favorite beers.

I remember falling in love with a wine, it was the Mataro from Ridge in 1998ish. I would uncork a bottle and it would be gone in minutes. Aside from my particular problem I hadve with the juice, IT WAS SO DELICIOUS.SMOOTH.SILKY.FLAVORFUL.LOVELY.SEXY.SEXY.

That's the way Maharaja goes. It's a little more than just an IPA. In fact, it's a DIPA. It's a seasonal beer, so get it while you can. Great beer.

With this beer I had the leftovers of last night's dinner. It was my wife and my 7th wedding anniversary. AWESOME. We had a champagne cocktail and then I had a beer (stone pale) and she a glass of Norman pinot and we kept toasting and denouncing the 7th year itch! Ha ha ha. Does that happen before or after the 7th? Fuck the itch. Have your wife itch that bad boy!

So the leftovers. Last night, one of the entrees we ordered was this:
kaffir-lime honey glazed duck $24.95
over spinach, bacon, red onion salad with fingerling potato-fennel salad & grilled zucchini skewer

Off the hook. Soooooo good.

But what you'll find on this blog primarily is a commitment to vegetarian cuisine. As you can already see, some meat might get met by my meat cleaver (say that very fast four times and then quaff an ipa).

But my body is digesting so well the veggie orgy. That's the current project.

Make a big salad and drink a big beer. Now.

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