Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Running Blog

My life has a couple of main focuses. I like to run. I like to have a couple of beers; now, my diet is becoming more of a focus, as well. My old blog Blahg is actually "matt-recoverydiscovery" so that blog will focus only on my recovery and discovery which is food and beer (and maybe the occasional random thought related/unrelated to food and drink). I want to chronicle my food preparation and intake for readers, sure, but like all blogs, there is that journal aspect that authors certainly acknowledge and appreciate.

This is my running blog. Let's get down to business. I have, after a horrible stint of allergies interrupted a nice build-up to some January racing, rebuilt to a consistent running condition based-on consistency. This started back-up slowly in mid to late February. The next two months were nice and easy, resorting to some HR training, keeping all of my efforts in zone 1 and maybe some zone 2. As the medicine started to work (I should start a blog on allergy medication) and I grew stronger, the runs got a little harder and so on and so forth.

Now I am pretty much running hilly trails every day.

Cut to last Saturday's run with James and his mention that he did the 30 in 30 program that Slater Fletcher threw down a few months ago. He is being coached by Gordo Byrn and apparently this 30 in 30 is Gordo's though he probably got it from someone and so forth and so on.

30 in 30
The idea is to run every day for 30 days. Or try to get 30 runs done in 30 days. If I double one day, I could theoretically take the next day off. That's how this was explained to me and I actually recall Mr. Fletcher saying something to that affect back in the day.

My current streak started last Friday. But I am starting from this Monday (6/7/10). Why not start the job on a Monday. Having said all of that, what will transpire for the next few weeks is a recording of those runs. They have to be at least 30 minutes to count. I doubt I'll do any of those, but we all know that 30 min can be quite sufficient, especially if the run involves some hills!

Welcome to The Feet of a Lifetime. This is my life on my feet. God knows I'll record any other significant non-running experiences of my feet (reflexology, etc.).
Bottomline: I love my feet!

Off I go. . .

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