Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little food

Just some pics of what I like right now.

I haven't completely given up meat, but it's just not what's happening.
Give me a massive salad with a ton of goodies from the produce section
and I'm really stoked.

As for beer, an occasional ipa works, but I've been enjoying a couple of lighter beers that have gone down great with some sushi, Padres' games and other mellowness in the early summer air.

If I get a call to partake, I'm in; but the days of drinking huge DIPAs in the dark
and beer blogging into the night is not on the agenda.

Yerba Mate tea. Loving the smoky herbal buzz :)


  1. Sweet pics. The new blog design is looking good!

  2. The header pic is dying for 20oz beer braut... Blog's good, stay with it.