Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday 6/11

Day 4

Felt a little out of it so I just ran for 30 minutes.
Followed that up with some core work.

Day 5

Today I ran for 55 minutes, just cruised but felt a little better.
Should be good to go for tomorrow to put-in some more quality work.

Since I've been running fairly consistently I need to step it up.
Some doubles sound good. But getting rested (my energy up) is of the first order!

The other thought I had concerns the climbing. My recent love affair with Cowles Mt. and Mission Trails in general is great, but Wednesday's run for instance was BRUTAL. Suffering through hands-on-knee climbs won't make me much faster. I am running the climbs, but I sensed getting a little carried away with sheer elevation, of going up. More gradual grades are more fun in that going up and down is so much fun and legitimate quality.

15% grades are a little much right now.

Tomorrow's running fare? Rancho Penasquitos Canyon. I've been avoiding that place
like the plague. Why? I don't know. I used to run there a lot. It's got a nice
rolling 10 miler, among many trails. This is just what the doctor ordered.

This run will lead me right into the U.S. v. England World Cup match late morning.
Hopefully the play doesn't disappoint. The recovery IPA won't!

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