Wednesday, June 2, 2010



Took Tuesday off because I was tired. All I wanted was a salad, a margarita (wha?) and to kick it. Felt great.

Wednesday a.m. - ascent of Cowles Mt. That's two this week. I have to say I will limit my running on this for two reasons: 1) the people. Even at 7:45am it was crawling. And 2) the descent is gnarly. Very (too) technical. I want to avoid injury. The climb is brutal. Today I did the 20min ascent and was wiped. Felt great though to reach the top and get back to the car, to the coffee kiosk (Yerba Mate tea!!!) and off to work.

I'll put a little effort in this p.m. I am fired-up on mountains.
My lungs say more! What do yours say?

Get after it!

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  1. thanks for the props on your previous post... and the site is back up!

    i hear ya on the descending gnarly stuff... you pick your battles... and obviously i lose them quite a bit!