Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday June 6


Monday 5 miles Mt. Cowles and added climb (~1800ft. up)

Tuesday Off

Wednesday 3 miles at Mt. Cowles before work (~1300ft). This is a tough work-out. Definitely not mileage oriented, but the climbing is solid and that's really all I want to do.

Thursday Off (yeah, I know, pretty weak) But I had a birthday party after school (bad timing, ya'll) and I lagged in the morning. Just a down week.

Friday 40 minutes around hilly Point Loma steady (~500ft.)

Saturday 7 miles with JW and my new altimeter said about 1000ft. even, but that run has yielded ~1300 in the past with Garmin. Hmmmm. I don't have the new watch calibrated so I'm not sure but ~1000ft. is probably pretty accurate.

Sunday ~2hrs, ~2000ft. of climbing at Mission Trails.

Total: ~30 miles (more of my running will be timed based since that's my technological theme - no more Garmin). About 6500ft. of vertical. It's a start.


First of all, the week-end post written on Saturday night? Just got back from a killer vegetarian joint and I'm just sitting here drinking a Stone IPA. Nothing better to do than re-cap and write a self-fulfilling prophecy with my run tomorrow. I'm heading to Mission Trails for some climbing. Yes!!!

I went to Pizza Port last night and had a Jetty IPA, and OB Gordon, obviously both on draft and sooo delicious with my killer pizza that had a black bean spread in place of cheese. Really good.

Post my 40 minute hilly run in Point Loma, I dropped into The Harp and had Nelson on draft. Damn!

A light week all the way around. Food has been lighter, running mileage was on the lighter side, but I'd say fairly stressful (good stress) in terms of climbing. All runs were outside on trail, but for the one hilly 40 minute run. I really like the way things are evolving. And the beer intake has been lighter. Consistency!

Actually, this consistency thing is huge. I could go back over my running the past couple of months which have been made-up of very consistent running. But I have not done the 30 for 30 program. Check-out Slater Fletcher's blog. He did a 30 for 30 and had a running PR, not to mention his IM success. His wife is in the midst of one and she just crushed a running PR. Come to find-out, it's from Gordo Byrn.

All that to say I'm going to go for it. It's not much of a twist on what I've been doing. In fact, I think it will be easy. But the consistency is pretty intense. No misses! If I can focus on some doubles, this might really add to the effects. One reason I say it's doable is my comfort with running a mere 45 minutes on a particular day. In the grand scheme of things (especially with such consistency), a 45 minute run can be very solid (see: Mt. Cowles, technical 3 miles up and down, ~1200ft. vertical which yields about 35 minutes). Bottom-line, let's see what the program will do.