Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 13 - E2D

Toast and nutter
2 cups of Espresso

Split a vegan chorizo burrito at Ranchos in O.B.
and some corn tortillas warmed w/salsa.
We asked and the chips were cooked in the same oil as the fish
so no chips. Here's the thing: sounds totally psycho, but
A) you have to be to be good and
B) the corn tortillas warmed were great (better than probably stale chips)

Left over rice and veggie chicken from Sipz
and I made some E2D sweet potato fries. Pretty good.

I'll probably nibble a little more tonight.


  1. what changes/differences have you noticed, both mentally and physically?

    Going without beer. Man, you're tough. I'd give up oxygen first.

  2. Hey Tim.
    Just feel better overall and function better. From sleep to bowel movement to HR during run to recovery after run to feeling after meal, before meal (never hungry except for this morning's run on an empty stomach encouraged a little appetite).

    Unless you're a naturally good eater (or have already seen the light) we consume so much fat. Even the stuff that says "non-fat" "low-fat." Of course, sugar turns into fat. So by eliminating almost all of that, I feel better.

    This is probably the way I will roll. I will drink beer certainly, but even then, not as much.

    You're probably in a entirely different place, leaner, healthier, etc.

    The other thing is it takes a little while for something to kick-in. If you say you're giving up beer for a week, big deal. Give it up for two weeks to see how that affects you. Okay, not beer. . ..meat. Whatever. One week doesn't count.

    I needed a break.

    Take care of that ankle. And what's up with your ankles swelling big-time after the 100?

  3. I think I can identify with making dietary changes. I gave up caffeine for a year once when I was 22 yrs old. First two weeks were awful; felt like I was dragging around a gorilla on my back, but then felt great afterward. I don't eat much bad food, though I don't eat a balanced diet either - far from it. And I pay for poor eating by being lethargic and generally low energy most days. I'd like to find a good diet that I could follow, so I'll be watching yours and may give it a try starting Dec 1st.

    Regarding the ankle (it was mainly one of them swelling the most), I abused myself for the last 10 hours of that race. Once I got used to the pain, I just put the damage I was causing out of my mind and trashed my body. I think it's 100% now. Did 11 miles at 6:30 pace night before last with no issues at all. Should be good for the race this Sat.

    Any other observations/suggestions on your current diet, please email me. I'm interested to try it. (though I don't know about giving up beer...)