Thursday, October 21, 2010

Live It

A few pics of the last few ....months? I forget. I guess these are basically pics of our trip to Frisco (scored a nice deal on the ticks back in June), and then our annual camping trip in Malibu a week later. I was wiped. Too much. Fun.

Here we are on a boat to Angel Island. There was actually a trail marathon going on when we got there. The temps were around 95 - 100 degrees. Brutal. Angel island does host some trail runs via the PCT. We hiked around, about 4 miles which were sandwiched between good beers (this one on the boat and the island had Lagunitas IPA on tap). Good stuff.

The Golden Gate. . .See the fog rolling in? That was the first sign of any kind of marine layer/precipitation. The weather in SF was crazy good, a little unusual. I did two days of running early. The best run was Friday morning, running "out" and checking-out the street folk who were getting around, planning their days; and then on the way "back" seeing the upwardly mobile SF crowd heading to work, getting their shit together. My first run was out and back to the Marina District that looked out at the Golden Gate Bridge (we were staying near the financial district). Sure it was road, but the scenery was great. This pic of the bridge was on our last day, but it's basically what I saw at dawn that day. My second run was through the streets of San Francisco, a lot of hills. Between the two runs, I covered pretty much the whole city. Each early morning run was about 1:15. I followed these up with Pete's espresso and Blue Bottle grinds. What a way to start the day, on vacation. I love San Francisco. The days were filled with killer site seeing, great food, and draft micro brews. There was great draft beer EVERYWHERE. I still haven't hit the Headlands but did get down to visit my sister in Saratoga that has access to the Santa Cruz mountains. In other words, no trails on this trip but the bay area is LOADED. I'm going back SOON.

Then, Malibu.
Just some pics. It was a lot of running and climbing and a lot of "good times." Martinis, PBR and great IPA.

I call this pic "On Target." Hydrate!

Quick note on this week. I've been running shorter this week, each day about 4-5 miles, but pushing things a little. I'm still slammed at work (grading papers that clearly suggest printed text literacy is becoming a thing of the past).

But last night I had a fun workout at the gym. 4 miles on the tready, but each was about 7 - sub 7 pace and between each I lifted, tried to fancy a few pull-ups, etc. It was fun little workout. The miles flew by and my ADHD was facilitated nicely in that I was always doing something different. The added speed element felt good too.

I need to do more of this. I want to get strong and fast. LSD, though an important element, can mess you up!


  1. Glad you're back updating this thing again. Love the diet and love the training you're doing. I have that same 60-90 minute itch. I think it must be the soccer player in us!
    I might have to take a closer look at your other bog on this diet.

  2. Havent' thought about the soccer mindset but I think you're right. I want to go hard!

    Wife and I discussed having a drink this weekend. That still would mean 20+ days without a beer. I recommend it for obvious reasons (health, perspective), but I want to drink beer.