Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday and Tuesday - 10 miles

On Monday, I didn't have much energy -- have a big week of work ahead -- so I went to the gym and putzed around. At least I putzed around. Not a lot of energy and Sunday's test, although Lucho mentioned there might be some good signs in there somewhere, didn't fire me up. I do need to get fired-up because I have a big weekend coming-up that will include some epic trail runs, which I'll preview later. So, a weak Monday of about 4 miles and some spinning. Putzed.

Tuesday - 6 miles, avg HR 150. Again, not thrilled with this. Ran on the road, which added to the thrillessness. I have to get pumped. I don't feel very fit. I need a paradigm shift. If I don't see much improvement in my MAF in a few weeks, apparently I've plateaued and it's time for tempo and intervals. Anyways. I feel fine physically. Just a little limbo.

How about those Celtics. Wow.


  1. Big picture, you have been training, increasing volume, being consistent. It is good. The body goes through dynamic metastable equilibrium - meaning microcycles of up and down with a general larger scale trend. Your trend is on the up.

  2. you are stoked to start doing speed work. you will take it to the next level quickly. you have done a lot of hard work that is deep in your pocket.

  3. Remember Matt that fatigue is all part of stressing your body to stimulate growth. We all go through it... the true trick of it all is to know when to back away from the edge. I've been in to the abyss on many occasions and have found that it's better to be safe than sorry in most cases. You should pick 3-4 days each week that are "key" days, all other days are simply "putzing"..

  4. Thanks guys. I love the feedback!