Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday - 3 miles

Went to the gym and spun for about 35 minutes and ran 3 miles. The verdict is in: I'm fighting a bug. I was clammy and lacking energy all day, which only became worse at the gym. Funny how while I felt okay this past weekend I didn't work-out and now that I've come-down with something I know that I have to keep going although very light. The irony is gross. But here's another pretty cool discovery. Phil Maffetone (the father of MAF) says one of the important benefits of the MAF test is tracking the progress. If one does a test and sees a significant change in the results, then, as Maffetone says, "Excess stress, dietary or nutritional imbalance, or even physical problems" are among the possible culprits. As I headed-out on my run on Tuesday and noticed an elevated HR and subsequently felt like crap the rest of the run, I was puzzled. I pointed the finger at dehydration and Lucho pointed-out that my sudden three day "rest" most likely played a role as well. Either way, THE MERE CHANGE IN MY HR -- relative to the workout -- was a sign that something was wrong. Today, "it" reared it's head: I'm sick.

Check-out Alan Couzens newest installment on fat oxidation. In the end, MAF (low intensity) exercise fine-tunes the body. Coupled with the right diet, it encourages krazy energy efficiency and seems to allow us to identify problems before they occur.

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