Monday, June 9, 2008

Friday thru Monday - 9 miles

I ended last week with 50 miles. I did 9 miles on Friday and then went out of town. The running just didn't happen. The pictures tell some of the story. My wife's sister had a little boy, Tommy, and he actually had a little health issue, so we were all quite concerned, which is actually why Ang, Jack and I made the trip. This weekend was Ang and my 5th wedding anniversary; we quickly re-prioritized with the little one in difficulty. He's back at home now with his mama and all seems to be well. The whole thing blows my mind. I remember when Jack was so tiny and seemingly so vulnerable. More often than not, they find their way, survive and live to tell about it. Sorry, but that sounds like a big Fing trail run where direction, hydration and survival come into question. Where's my program!

Actually, 50 miles is okay. Thinking I had 50 by Friday with the weekend to throw down, I'm a little disappointed. But look around. Athletes everywhere have the same feelings and thoughts and follow very similar paths with little detriment. I went 60 and 50 the last two weeks so a little break isn't that bad a call. Besides, family will always take precedent. . . I think; I'm kidding. We had a ball. We actually got back to base on Saturday night, but had a 4 year-old birthday to attend on Sunday and then time and space became food and drink. I've been off and my wife is off on Monday's, so we cleaned around the house and went to the Ruben H. Fleet Space Center for some science and an IMax film with Jack - If we're off, he's off.

I think the rest is fine. As long as I take advantage of the recovery. I need to nail some big runs with some big climbs this week. Let's just all hope for that. As for the community. My god, JW is blowing up. So is ChuckieV. And, as always, Lucho is enabling. GZ is getting healthy, Kerrie just Fing rocks, and Beth is running a 21k in the dirty south next weekend, I think. Anticipate more great stuff from AC and Gordo and I suppose I should also say that this guy is probably going to win the Western States race in about three weeks.

Oh yeah, I was going to say that despite my not running this weekend I managed to get a little work done. I did a little water running and got a fine reflexology massage. I've had a few of these, have always loved my "feet tickled" and made sure the masseuse knew all of this. She was a young gal which worried me. But she rocked. She said my lungs and kidneys were a little sensitive - the points on the map she referred to were actually my thyroid and trapezius. I have a minor thyroid issue, so that makes sense, but the trapezius is ????. I've been asthmatic all my life so all in all she was more or less on the money, but I can see and feel the work was very telling and effective.

I'm rested, heavier, massaged, and ready for some mileage.


  1. Big picture ... your training is going to be more about what you do over a quarter or even a year or even three years than what you do in a weekend or a week or a month. You have been building (that is good), keeping balance (that is better).

    Keep livin' it ...

  2. Seeking pressure point for concentration and relaxing and found you site. Thanks for the Benson Jazz.