Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday - 3 miles

Avg. HR 130. I rode the trainer for 40 minutes and did some weights prior to this little jog.

My trip to Idyllwild was just what the doctor ordered. We did some scouting on the way up. I found what will turn-out to be some great trails to run for years to come. The PCT is accessible from many trail heads, so this is quite a venue for hiking/running and taking in massively scenic vistas.

Come Sunday morning with grandparents certainly in a position to watch my boy, I decided snoozing with my four-year-old beat any ole run. Besides, I was beat! I needed to sleep and actually I was pretty sore in places that concerned me a little. The rest of Sunday was spent lazing around. We found the Euro final on one of the few stations we get up there. Took a nap. Took another nap. The place made for a nice sleeping venue, too. The run window was early; even Idyllwild at ~5,000 ft. turned out to be fairly warm, which I had no stomach for. We're heading back in a couple of weeks with some plans! Can't freakin wait (I have to note that the cabin has been under repair for a few years, which is why it's most recently --NOW-- on the radar. Of course, things like cabins need constant maintenance. We're all on the same page now. Believe you me).

Because of the soreness and some reflection, I'm considering a little change in my approach. I've been working towards building mileage at MAF/Aet with the integration of some speed, since I appear to be plateauing. But, I do not want to injure myself. I haven't done a lot of long distance running but for the last 5 years and nothing like I'm doing now. These days, I'm running almost exclusively, trying to build toward 60-70 mile weeks; I don't have much time for much else. If that's one's approach, when does one pull on the reigns but when injury has reared it's terrible mug. I'm not sure I have the system to sustain that kind of pounding even though it's primarily aerobic.

I think 40 miles is a solid number and on a "good" week I'll be able to do more (I've been 40-50 for about five months now with a couple where I've sniffed 60). Going forward, my work-outs will consider more injury prevention - - weights, stretching, bike, swim/surf, walk, yoga, etc. --
and the runs will be MAF but for one BIG day and one speed day a week. Furthermore, I need to be very strict about my run surface.

Keep in mind, I'm journaling first and foremost. These are some of my thoughts at this time. I really really want to stay healthy. Who knows. I might have a good couple of weeks and go another direction.

But I doubt it.

Last week's total: 40 miles

The boy and his Papa

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