Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday - 5 miles

Avg. HR 145. Felt really really good. Wasn't soft at all. My legs could feel yesterday, but my body needed this one. I'm playing single parent today and the boy and I are heading to Idllywild to visit his grandparents in about an hour. The PCT runs through the area - there are trails. If I can get off to scout and run a little I win. Otherwise, I kick it and listen to the summer mountain air blow through the trees, or both = it's a win win.

A little note on yesterday's 12 mile trail run. I broke it into two 6 mile loops. I hydrated much better on the run than I have in the past. Lucho's lecture hit home, lit a fire under common sense. But the GPS data was interesting.

On the first loop, my HR avg 147 with a 8:25 pace. The hills made my HR spike a little but I've gotta say thumbs-up.

On the second loop, I decided to negative split, push it and see how I can do. The heat was rising, but I hydrated the same as the first loop (and the heat couldn't be that much of a factor since it was less than an hour later). My HR avg 160 with a 8:15 pace. Granted, it's the second loop, and the outside and inside temps are rising. But I don't see much improvement in the pace.

My point is I fared pretty well on the first loop not working as hard. I can recall my "intentions" on the second loop and almost feel like the intention to go hard had something to do with the much higher HR. In other words, by saying to myself, "i'm going to go harder now," my HR responded, even though I wasn't actually going much harder. I hope that makes sense.

The numbers don't lie. All in all, I was pleased with the work. Sure the HR was high, in fact anaerobic.

Between what Maffetone, Lucho and a guy like Gordo say, such a work-out is not outside the program. It was certainly a "key" day.


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