Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday - 6 miles

Avg. HR 147, max 158, almost 1000ft. of climbing on a pretty good urban trail near where I work. I hiked some of the last little bumps just to keep things in check. I gotta stay focused! Speed work is coming! Plus I ran at 3:00, hottest time of the day.

The fatigue is still here; Lucho nailed that one. It's clearly the case. These runs are kinda like "work," but I know I'll "work" through "it". Today's 6 miler was a lot more fun than yesterday's road kill. I love the trail. Now that I'm back at work I need to be a little more creative on the two-a-days. Actually, it's not even creativity. It's will. It's being Tiger Woods with the logistics (Did you hear the follow-up on that fat cat? Stress fracture a month before the Open. Doctors said crutches and inactivity for the next few months. Tiger looked at the doctor ((imagine that stare down)) and said, "I'm playing in the U.S. Open and I'm going to win." He was on one leg. His people knew this. He didn't injure the knee during the tourney. He won the U.S. Open on one leg, 91 holes, the longest track in Open history. Sick.)

I actually thought about my coffee intake during the run today. .but . .naaaah. Coffee's too cool. It's fatigue. I'm eating like a champ, sleeping well and staying this side of the abyss.

This weekend, I'm going to the Central Coast to camp and hang-out with a really good friend who lives in Oakland. There are, I'm pretty sure, a lot of trails to run up there. I'll be running parts of this place, which will host a 50k I'm thinking about running in August. Looking at the elevation map and the course map, I can run some of the trails that make-up the 25k route (the Valencia Peak and Hazard Peak loops). Check-out the pics. We'll see. On my way up, I'll hopefully get a little run in on a trail from this site. We'll see how it all works-out, but putting civilization in my rear-view and getting-up north should prescribe a much needed bump to my program and the fatigued system I'm carrying around.

The idea is to scout like crazy. I read one guy's training log that included some big trails/mountains off of the Coast Ridge Road, which is part of the Ventana Wilderness area. That's a little north of where I'll be, but who knows. It's all about planting seeds that will grow.

Dear God,
May I one day get to go super big!


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  1. coffee IS too cool...

    those trails look awesome...have fun and get in some good recon. PCTR 50k looks pretty sweet.