Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday - 21+ miles

a.m. 15.65 miles at Penasquitos Canyon. Avg. HR 146, 1600+ ft. climbing. I broke the run into a couple parts. The first 11 miles I tried to sustain a true steady state, basically push the HR to 150 or even a little above. Most of the run was done at 7:30-40ish pace. For the 11 miles I avg. 8:00 pace and the accompanying avg. HR above is very nice. I could have easily gone faster, so this is, for me, a little break-through. The weather played a huge factor. It stayed very cool, some of that June gloom we're used to around here. I ran about another 5 miles, which included more climbs at a good, respectable pace. A great work-out.

p.m. 5.5 miles. Felt pretty good, but I just cruised and definitely felt the earlier work-out. I ate much better between work-outs and stretched. All in all, a big day. Stoked.

I'll try to write later about some of the things I've read and think about in terms of progressing as a runner and how volume/frequency are so integral in that process. There were a few times today where I felt a little bliss. Part of that was the weather, which was epic. Part of it was the affects of running in general. And part was the sheer volume and frequency I've adopted. The depletion was cathartic. I know I'm not quite ready for 30+ miles of trails in one day, but that day is coming. . .


  1. Good volume. Nice work. Be sure to keep up the recovery post that (H20, etc).

  2. big big day. nice work! and that is a fast pace for those trails...i usually zone out and run 8+ min miles.