Saturday, December 25, 2010

Drinking an ice cold ipa

And thinking about how this is a great time of year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are fun traditions that basically revolve around giving, gratitude and good eats and drinks. Can family be nuts and even toxic? You bet. Mine is nuclear. The heart of my family passed away in 1999. The place is a catastrophe in her wake. Disaster. I may add to that in my own inability to handle my share. Where was I supposed to learn how to do that? Well, I try. Raising my own family is my goal. This has been a great little Christmas.

But as of right now, Christmas night, the next week is freaking cool. Kids are out of school, which means I am too (after all, I'm proudly the biggest kid of all), my wife is taking the week off, we're heading to the mountains for a couple of days of skiing, then back in town for more. . .running and gunning (whatever that means), then New Years, which isn't necessarily my favorite "holiday," but has meaning in that it marks the beginning of the end, the end, and then a new beginning of sorts.

The header pic is from Lucho. I'm pretty sure it's a sunrise (geez, I hope it is for the sake of this riff). This is meaningful. I am coming-up on a new year of running, some races early-on, a big adventure run with a friend and who the fuck knows what happens after that. I'm pumped for some good things running, working, and family - wise.

And I'm starting the post Christmas week off with some freaking cold ipa. Love this!

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