Monday, December 6, 2010


Watching a (hopefully) good game here on MNF. The San Diego Chargers' unfortunate history of futility continues, but I am a huge fan of good sport so having to go else where for great football isn't much of a stretch; in other words, with the feet up, a few cold beers on the take I'm recovering quite well.

Yesterday was my birthday and I went big (for me). I headed out to a section of the PCT with a few ultra folk. Toby, Mike and Sarah were solid running mates; I very much enjoyed my Bday on the trails and a few beers afterwards at Alpine Brewery.

The weekly mileage went like this: 5, 11, 6, 10, 6, 6, 16. I actually thought 62 was in the bag before the Sunday run as I anticipated 18, but it turned-out to be 16+. All in all, a solid week.

Today is strictly recovery. A few beers, a ton of left-over food and I'm going to actually stretch my ass. Literally.

The run turned-out to be 1600ft. vert and over 4000ft. of drop. It's a section of the San Diego area PCT that Toby and Mike hadn't completed, so that was the rationale. I loved it. We were able to run or asses off. Basically it was a very rolling course with some big drops and with the overgrowth (of cactus, etc.) and very rocky trail, there were some really technical sections. Again. Loved it.

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