Wednesday, December 15, 2010


7 miles very ez. Not feeling 100%. But it felt good to put one foot in front of the other.

I will get my Garmin dialed in for this weekend and actually transport both the High Gear and the Garmin. Compare notes. The High Gear, though I thought might have a bad sensor, has spit-out some accurate numbers as of late. When I was in the back country here in SD, the elevation was reading ~4500ft where we ran (which is accurate) and the accumulated read 1600+ft. A friend of mine said, nahhh. His Garmin I think read 900 something, but he later confirmed my data was correct. Good news! And sure there was a lot of descent that day, but we did some nice rolling sections with killer, runnable climbs.

Back to finish my thought on not feeling 100%, I think I'll do some hiking this weekend. Work-on some steady climbing and lovely descending which means basically falling down the mountain. I love descending so long as it's not too steep for too long.

There was a Rick sighting. Very nice to see.

As for my last line, "I hate wealth," it's a disease that Americans especially have. I will continue to define it. Sure it's close to greed, but is more insidious. Aggregating some useful content will do a fine job of paining this picture of which I speak. Everything from numerous credible articles, to videos, graphs, images and my own priceless commentary that I hope only sharpens its Wolverine claw-like apparatus with which I hope to completely annihilate each and every one of the scum bags who feed and nurture their pet snake (the name is wealth), who come into contact. . . with me.

And sure you have to start at the top, which makes my "mission" practically impossible and much more of a rant. I want this mission to be much more than that. It has to have sophistication or I have failed.

A note on the top: Every republican (rich person) I know really can't say a damn thing about the President because the guy just cut a deal to continue cutting taxes for them (the rich). Perhaps he's seeing if the right has a better solution to this economic crisis, or he's doing something strategic for his own agenda. Who the F knows.

"A veteran House Democrat said Wednesday that President Barack Obama is trying to drum up support for his tax cut package by warning lawmakers that failing to pass the deal would be "the end of his presidency."

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The only reason I'm writing about this is that, again, I am on a mission to revive the middle class. It's in the works.

Other missions:
1) run, my friend
2) travel to Europe and attend a top-notch friendly with Rick
3) go to Colorado in the summer and run for beer with friends
4) start a business that's human and environment-friendly

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