Sunday, December 12, 2010


About 12 miles on the week.

Had a cyst/infected hair follicle removed from my neck Wednesday after a nice 7 mile run. The run felt great, especially after a couple of days off. After the run, off to the doctor. She numbs me up and then puts a couple of BIG needles in it and basically squeezes a bunch of stinky cottage cheese out of it for about 20 minutes (I think she should have lanced it).

Now I am on two big antibiotics, one for staph infection, just in case. These are DRUGS, so yes I'm doping.

But anyways, I go to bed that night feeling like shit and wake-up with yellow phlem in my chest. I did not have a chest cold. Big WTF.

So I took Thurs - Sat off just to rest and dress my neck wound and sit there and say WTF about this crap in my lungs. Errrrr.

Today, I said fuck it and hiked up Cowles mountain, jogging gently on the flats and downs. About 5 miles and 1000 ft. vert on the money. Had to stop and cough some shit up at one point, but that was it.

I feel much better now. So, week off. Back on the train!

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