Thursday, December 16, 2010


7 miles, again, very ez. Still cleaning-out the pipes. But I feel like I'm getting some work done. Weather for the weekend doesn't look hike/trail friendly so I might be indoors putting one foot in front of the other.

I have family members who no longer celebrate Christmas. Here's the problem with that. First, why do you not acknowledge this particular holiday? Because you practice a different faith? If that's the case, you better be really really strict with regards to ALL tenets of your new faith. Slacking-off and enjoying what other Christians and non-Christians do year-round who still celebrate Christ's B-day and/or the red and green holiday of giving and lots of good food and spirits, only to "stick it to us/them" come December, well, that's chicken shit. It says a lot more than "I am of this other faith and by God I will not observe the Christmas holiday, which is a scam." Seriously?

There are so many reasons for families to congregate this time of year. Traditions, exchange of gifts, travel, spending time with family and friends, faith, and oh yeah, THE CHILDREN. If you have kids, especially little ones, they love this time of year. Sure, the cynic says, "they've been conditioned, even brain-washed." That cynic is some sort of "liberal" who has no soul. Fine, tone down the gifts for yourself and others, you jackass; ease-up on the eggnog. But embrace the innocence you once had before you flushed it down the toilet (or legitimately began observing another religion/faith).

The season gives us an opportunity to recognize good traditions (family gatherings/church/gifts) and themes (generosity and gratitude and family). It can be fun. Can it be stressful with so much emphasis on gifts and decorations? Sure. So tone it down. If you're that faithful to another spirituality, fine. But you better watch-out. . . because for those of you (especially in my family) who have gone cold-turkey on the Christmas season: I will be watching you the rest of the year, sure to interrogate the inconsistency of your new found "purity." Jehovah will be watching too.

Another sick video from that Danny MacAkill cat:

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