Monday, December 13, 2010


12 miles. Getting back to normal.

1) Flat and broken into a couple of runs; I took advantage of some time. Went very very easy. Feel pretty good. Still cleaning-out phlegm. Phuck flegm. Today I equaled my mileage of all last week. Redemption? Maybe. A lot of easy miles this week (as many as I can manage).

2) I am slamming a PBR and then having a couple of Drakes' IPA. I had one of Drake's beers last week on draft, a very big ale that was pretty damn good. I give the nod to Cali ale, so I picked-up a 6er of the ipa.

3) When I was checking-out, I asked the guy why Green Flash had gone from 6 beers for $10+ to 4 beers for $10+. He very matter of factly said they had to. To paraphrase: their prices went up. There's a shortage of hops. Other beers' (he gave a nod to my 6er of Drakes) prices will probably be going up soon.


Update: Not too thrilled with the Drake's IPA. Ipa requires big hops and "finesse." There are so many grade B Ipas that taste less than mediocre. On the other hand, there are too many grade A Ipas to make that mistake (of grabbing a B).
So much for experimentation. It's back to the staples. Sorry, not-on-the-list-American-"IPA."

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