Friday, December 24, 2010


8 miles, over 1200 ft. of climbing and just as I got back to the house I gagged on a bunch of snot. Beautiful. Now I'm dazed and confused, sitting here with the smells of my wife's cooking, watching one of those retro Christmas claymation trippers, drinking a beer.

A friend of mine and I have been "almost" joking around about soft rock. If you're age appropriate, you remember this genre. The lyrics and the instrumentals are so cheesy they're authentic. I'm guilty of a little nostalgia with respect to listening and even enjoying some of these tracks. I think of the beach, summer time, soccer games, sitting in the back of a station wagon, my parents fighting. . . great memories. Kind of tugs at me.

Here's a classic.

Here's what I'm listening to now.

These guys usually make a playlist.


  1. Nice Gibson SG in that second track.

  2. Player.

    That was my name with the ladies in college... and then I woke up (again).

    I was always impressed how those bands could get such gay sounds out of cool instruments.

    My personal favorite was reo speedwagon. Roller skating in tight corduroys, mmm.

    The beginning of this video could easily take a quick turn into a porn.

  3. GZ - my best friend (very good player) had one of those for years. He plays in a funk soul band now and just got a Gibson ES 135 (semi-hollow). The guy's in love.

    Tim - I hear ya. I'm here to say that some of the vintage soft rock (reo speedwagon and the like I would say got a little too gay) like Seals and Croft, Little River Band, older Hall and Oats, Doobie Brothers. . .pretty classic stuff.