Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday - 8 miles

Avg. HR 141, pretty much a cruise, 8:30 pace. I've done about 45 miles and most of it has been on the dirt/rock slopes. Body feels pretty solid after yesterday. I'm looking at a 50k in August along with any other shorter off roadies that come within striking distance.

Last night I had a radical dream about snakes. Yikes!


  1. you are getting after it! Awesome!

    when and where is the 50k?

  2. wha? u dont like snakes? some legless creature pressing twin prehistoric hypedermics, filled with necrotic poison, through your peachlike skin. quickly reaching your rapidly exchanging cardiovascular system when your miles from your car and nobody can hear you scream.

    I don't know what's worse that or eating friggin' cabbage and spinach before a long run(fart machine). try a protein smoothie or low fiber sunt'n

  3. JW - I'll send you the link of a bunch of races. I'm looking at one in August in San Luis Obispo.

    Barney - thanks for reading. . .now get back to work, Mr. Mom.